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OYLA is a monthly scientific magazine designed for children and students as well as their parents. The focus and content of the magazine are based on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts.

We want our children to know history, many languages, understand mathematics and physics, conduct chemical experiments and love all the diverse forms of life on Earth. .

Oyla Magazine

This magazine will help the students and children to understand the complex subjects into simple forms helping them to adapt to the knowledge quickly. The graphics view of the subject makes it a easier for the student to learn the concepts from the basics. The contents of the magazine enhance the interests of the children to perform scientific experiments, understand various subjects and to also know about the history.

OYLA helps you to adapt to the TLA (Think Learn Apply) concept varying from discoveries, inventions, principles of universe and also include information about Pre-Historic life. This concept helps the students to think about topics, learn about the topics and apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical world.

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